Emma & Nicola; friends since they  started school, drinking partners since they started drinking, business partners since they turned their entrepreneurial dreams into a boozy-business reality. 

In the beginning (2015)... There was two friends, with 9 - 5 jobs, a worrying love of gin and an old fashioned horse trailer. This became known as The Little Gin Company.

The horse trailer was lovingly converted into the quirkiest of mobile gin bars (thanks to Emma’s Dad!), which found its place at many food and music events, as well as weddings, parties and corporate functions. In 2017 they launched their very own range of ‘Trailer Made Gin’.

So where does rum come in? The girls with a worrying love of gin, also have a passion for rum.  They purchased a second horse trailer in 2016, converted it into a mobile rum bar and The Little Rum Company was born.  Visit our other websites:

It's simple really. We love spiced rum! 

As we all know, the gin industry has exploded over the last few years, whereas the world of rum still feels relatively under-exploited.

Once an unglamorous staple of your (grandma's) drinks cabinet, gin has re-created itself as Britain's favourite tipple.  With beautiful branding, an overwhelming choice of flavours and serves, the gin drinking experience is now at the height of fashion. 

We believe the rum industry can take inspiration from the success of gin and want to help give the glorious spirit of rum, steeped in history, full of flavour, the perfect cocktail companion... its time in the spotlight. 

Why we wanted to launch our own BRAND OF spiced rum...

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