It's simple really, we love spiced rum

We're Emma & Nicola; friends since school, drinking partners since we started drinking, and badass boozy-business partners with a passion for glorious RUM.

Nice to meet you,


We've been drinking rum together for a VERY long time! We love it; Neat, with cola, with ginger, in a cocktail! However it comes. 

We felt there was a big gap in the market for a beautiful but BADASS brand of rum. And Queen Cleo was born.

We were inspired by the tale of the original badass liquor boss, Gertrude Lythgoe. A prolific rum-smuggler during the prohibition period, she was the head of a sophisticated shipping operation, bootlegging rum from the Caribbean into America!  

Queen Cleo Rum.jpg

Gertrude Lythogoe had two popuplar nicknames, 'Queen of the Bahamas' and also 'Cleo' as her beauty was likened to that of Cleopatra. So Queen Cleo was the obviously choice when naming our spiced rum. 

We believe the rum industry can take inspiration from the success of gin. RUM IS THE NEXT BIG THING, YOU KNOW!


We want to help give the glorious spirit of rum, steeped in history, full of flavour, the perfect cocktail companion... its time in the spotlight. 


When we're not drinking rum or selling Queen Cleo...we also head up a mobile gin business and a mobile rum business. So if you're looking for a rum & gin filled feature bar, for any occasion or celebration, give us a shout!


We also offer gin and rum tasting experiences - perfect for work events, hen do's, parties etc. Now also in a virtual setting! OH, and we also have our own range of Trailer Made Gin! Check out our other websites....

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